Meditation for Beginners (and Beyond)

nonreligious - practical - effective

15 Minutes Relaxation

Learn to enter a deep state of relaxation in this 15 minute course which you can take right now. No registration required.

Mini Course in Meditation

This five lesson course with recorded meditations will help you attain the core state of meditation. No registration required.

Personal Lessons in Meditation

Feeling stuck? Like to dive deeper? I can help you out. Payment is in the form of a contribution to your favorite charity.

About The Teacher

Meditation Teacher Peter Crawford

Hi, my name is Peter Crawford, and I'm the teacher here at Meditaiton Mojo. I've been practicing and studying meditation for over 30 years and teaching for the last 10. Now, through Meditation Mojo, I'm helping people develop personalized meditation practices - one that fits their specific goals, learning styles and personalities.

I can help you discover the kind of meditation practice that works best for you, whatever your goals might be - whether that’s learning how to relax, maintain calm in the face of stress, enhance your ability to focus, or arrive at a greater self-understanding.

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