A Mini Course in Meditation

Welcome to A Mini Course in Meditation. I hope you enjoy it and greatly benefit from it. I'd be happy to hear from you if you have any questions or comments about the course, so feel free to contact me.

My main purpose here is to help you start meditating as easily, quickly and effectively as possible. So I've skipped over a lot of the typical, dry, introductory material that meditation teachers always seem to bog their students down with, and served you up the juicy stuff right away.

Juice #1: Relaxation

The technique you'll learn proceeds in two stages: first relaxation, then meditation. If you came to this course through the front pages of this website, then you've already started learning how to relax. So the first lesson of this course expands a little on what you've already learned in order to help you establish a solid foundation of relaxation upon which to meditate.

(If you didn't come to this course through the front pages, then I suggest you check out the Deep Relaxation taught there before proceeding any further here.)

Juice #2: Meditation

As for meditation, I've selected a specific technique which, I believe, will help you "get" it right away. Do be sure to read the short accompanying discussions, as they will help you understand better exactly what we're trying to do here.

Well, enough said. Let's get started...

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